Variations - EP

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Variations is an EP produced during the quarantine times. The tracks are produced based on loops, repeating itself and evolving, hence the title Variations. A pattern repeating itself like the mirrors on a disco ball !

All songs writtend and produced by Benjamin Dufrene.



FUN is a mix of dark pop and new wave songs about queer thematics with club and techno influences.

All songs written and produced by Benjamin Dufrene, except for "Fun" and "The Night Is Young" produced with Adrien Flament. Photography by Linda Trime.


Teaser Live @ La Java

 Teaser of the video recording of 

Live @ La Java (June 2017) in Paris. Shot on location and edited by Rose Pelletier. 2017



Let You Go

I'm Every Woman



Like A Slut

By My Side

I Will Die

The Night Is Young

Need You Tonight

Diamond Lights

</3 EP

A Synthpop EP dealing with

breakup feelings and joyful music,

because that's the way you deal with it !

All songs written and produced by Benjamin.


Here is the bandcamp link to download it


Photography by Linda Trime, art direction by Benjamin Dufrene. 2017

I'm Every Woman

Music video of "I'm Every Woman".

Directed and edited by Benjamin Dufrene.

With the participation of Palma Cruel, Clair.e Hans, Noémie Lettoli, Rose Pelletier, Léa Portier and Linda Trime. Make-up by Miles Greenberg.


Live @ Queer Week 2016

Video recording of the

Live @ Queer Week (March 2016) in Paris.



Teach Me Tiger


I'm Bored

Oh Fuck Feah !

Diamonds Light


Summer Shake Live @Ensapc

Screenshots of the

Summer Shake Live @ Ensapc

(June 2015) in Cergy.

Pictures by Linda Trime.



Teach Me Tiger

Like A Slut

I'm Bored

White Sand Beach

Oh Fuck Feah !

Diamonds Light

I'm In Venus With Love

Second LP exploring themes of loss, mourning, heartbreaks but also the feeling of freedom once the pain is gone.

Musically the songs are edging towards a new wave and cold electro touch with a strong pop core. This ensemble is composed as if the songs were remixed as we are listening to them.

All songs are written and composed by Benjamin.

"Nothing Changes" written by Palma Crual and Benjamin, composed by Benjamin.



Songs fom the SAMPLER project which is about quotes and reappropriation in pop culture. In order to explore this thematic Benjamin creates every material based on the idea of reappropriation.

For example some lyrics are quotes of Richard Hamilton, or quotes from the previous song. The music is made the same way : even if the songs are specially composed for this project, each one is made based on a sample from the material preceding it.


Screenshots from the SAMPLER

videos, art direction by Benjamin Dufrene. 2017

I'm Bored

Music video of "I'm Bored" from the LP Unoriginal Pop Songs. Directed by Linda Trime, edited by Benjamin Dufrene.


Teach Me Tiger

Music video of the April Stevens cover "Teach Me Tiger" from the LP Unoriginal Pop Songs. .Shot by Rose Pelletier, directed and edited by Benjamin Dufrene. With the participation of Alexandre Erre.


Unoriginal Pop Songs

First LP of Benjamin regrouping pop and dance songs about love, sex and club party. 

Synths are all over the place, with dance beats and tongue-in-a cheek voice.

This album is like a candy box in which you can chose the flavour you like. From the 80s synthpop song "Like A Slut" to the experimental "Narciss Bitch" there is a spectrum of other styles such as new wave (I'm Bored, Walk Away), dance oriented (Fall in Love, Oh Fuck Yeah !, Diamonds Light) and electronic pop (Teach Me Tiger, Happy Place...). 

All songs are written and composed by Benjamin except "Teach Me Tiger" written by April Stevens and Nino Tempo.


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