I'm Bored

Music video of "I'm Bored" from the LP Unoriginal Pop Songs. Directed by Linda Trime, edited by Benjamin Dufrene.


Look What You Have Done !

A video collage about how movies depict witches and hypocrisy.
Captation of several witches movies with a sample of "Revolver" by Madonna.

I'm Every Woman

Music video of "I'm Every Woman".

Directed and edited by Benjamin Dufrene.

With the participation of Palma Cruel, Clair.e Hans, Noémie Lettoli, Rose Pelletier, Léa Portier and Linda Trime. Make-up by Miles Greenberg.


Teach Me Tiger

Music video of the April Stevens cover "Teach Me Tiger" from the LP Unoriginal Pop Songs. .Shot by Rose Pelletier, directed and edited by Benjamin Dufrene. With the participation of Alexandre Erre.


Nouvelle Vague

Splash from the vengeful mind of Benjamin. With the participation of Palma Cruel and Alexandre Erre.


A face between identity, painting and video. Evil twin hides behind the make up of the clown. Part of the installation "Moins de Signes, Plus de Singes".



Party Spirit 

Screenshots of the Party Spirit video

featuring Rose Pelletier, dancing, lights and colors.


Life Hands

Part of the "Hands Triptych".

Like a prayer, divine sensuality.



Part of the "LICK TRYPTICH".

Marmelade comes all over us. Yes, just like that. We laugh as you fill up our mouth ! Featuring Noémie Lettoli, Rose Pelletier and Christophe Dos Santos. 


Music video of "Pour Toi" by the artist Joseph.

Directed by Rose Pelletier and Benjamin Dufrene, edited by Rose Pelletier and Benjamin Dufrene.


Pour Toi - Joseph

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